MAY 13, 2014 - Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff!

This past month has been super busy with personal and commissioned photography projects. Not to mention the assortment of other odd design jobs that have fallen into my lap. My head is filling with all sorts of cool projects that I cant wait to start on, just need like another 20 hours in a day and we're all good.

This past weekend I rented a sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens for my D7100 and spent a Day doing a photoshoot with Keisha Howard from Sugar Gamers. The pictures from this shoot you will see shortly!!! I have to say it feels good to be really fired up and focused on doing all this art work since having taken a long break over winter to settle in from having moved into my new place.

Here is some of the things I saw through the Sigma Lens this past weekend!