End of the Year Discounted In Stock Photos!

Email me for sales inquiries! These are in stock and ready for pickup and/or delivery. 

Each picture will come with an artwork filled small Desktop Calendar (while Supplies Last)

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It's Been a While

Summer Months are busy for me with doing art fests. But now Winter has arrived here is something new to view ! I will be uploading lots of New Artwork in the coming weeks!

And for the holidays use the code "Winterart" at Checkout for 20% off any order.

This video was done by Tru-persona.com


Insight into Chicago Designer and Photographer Matt Coglianese from ThePigShark.com



Upgraded camera system to Pentax K1. (Loving it so far!!!!!!)

Got a few more photoshoot ideas in the works.(payphone related) 

A few new images uploaded. below is one of them, and I will be uploading more onto my site as they are finished. Got some new stuff to look out for this summer.

A new installation of Art at McGary Bowen Advertising Agency. (pics and separate blog post will be coming)